January 22, 2022 / 2pm EST

The impact that music has on others comes from the combination of lead and supporting parts. In this workshop Tim Penner will work with you in a live and interactive class to show you how to create beautiful, complementing, and contrasting melodies to empower your music. Through the use of pads, leads, effects, and textured elements, he will showcase techniques to help you layer your productions in unique and emotive ways.


Our ‘Fundamentals of Electronic Music’ course offers a curriculum to establish a balanced foundation and a fresh perspective on electronic music and how songs are written with today’s technology. As a producer it’s your goal to weave the job of an artist and an audio engineer seamlessly into your workflow. Each of these aspects can be heavily contradictory and a frustrating hurdle to overcome in the studio. We will dissect both the technical and creative aspects of a studio and help develop the tools you need to write innovative dance music.